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• May 26, 2019 - 17:52

Hi. I would like to ask if its possible to leave the mixerpanel as a separate window when detached (like the synthesizer now)
Maybe this could be optional as a checkbox in settings. I just prefer this while working on a laptop.


If you're using two screens or one large screen and currently have the synthesizer dragged off to the side, you can do the same with the mixer.

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No it's not possible... The mixer appears detached without a header. Therefore not in a seperate window.
As I sad. It would be nice to have it optional, for some people like to have it within the software.
I do prefer, to have them as seperate windows, because I can minimize them, to acces the windows when I need those.

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It looks like you might be using Linux. In Windows, I would grab the word Mixer and drag it to the left and it would undock. I'm not sure what that little box in the top right corner of the mixer window does in Linux, but the windows icon in that spot undocks the window.

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Yes I use Linux. When I undock the mixer at the current release (3.1 RC), it undocks, but without placing it in an extra window.
The versions before did this. And on my desktop, I can "roll in" the windows, so that only the title bar is visible.
This i found very productive
That's how MuseScore 3.0.x etc handles it:
See the extra window for the mixer

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If I understand correctly, you are wanting this to be a separate top-level window that can be minimized, then? You say "like the synthesizer" or "like it was before", but I'm not seeing any difference here - both synth and mixer have been this way forever as far as I can tell. Maybe some Linux0-specific bug caused one or both dialogs to behave differently than they were intended to in some previous release?

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What I am saying is that for me, on Window, it has always been this way. The mixer has never been an independent windows with the controls for minimizing etc. I tested 3.1, 3.0.5, and 2.3.2. Maybe 1.3 was different?

Making the mixer a top-level window with full control is certainly possible, but it changes a number of things about how things work, I don't think docking remains an option.

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Please check the post's screenshots. For me they were always extra windows until 3.1. I made a screenshot (screenshot2.png in the post) of Musescore 3.0.5 were they are.
I think taking away the window decorations when unattaching, at least in the linux version, by placing the close button inside the window causes this issue. I think, when there's a header, it will work again. Just a guess

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Sorry, lots of screenshots to keep track of. It does seem you are correct that, for reasons unknown, at one time you were seeing window decorations on the mixer that as far as I can tell no one else does, and were never supposed to be there. As I said, perhaps it was some Linux-specific bug (which you happened to enjoy) that was fixed.

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As I said, I think removing the on top header completely, like it is now in linux, probably causes this. If it's intended, what I guess for is, I would ask, to have an option in settings, where you can turn off/on the window decorations. (Aka having the control buttons inside or outside the window.
For the technical aspect - I think that the extra buttons on the window header appear, cause I use qtcurve to draw the windows.

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Hmm, this implies that whatever you are seeing is probably connected to [#287528}, the fix for which was reverted at the last minute because it caused other problems. I recommend you comment in that issue and try to explain your issue there. Do keep in mind that no one else seems to be able to reproduce what you are seeing, so you'll probably need to be generous with the explanations and screenshots. Otherwise, the new fix is likely to change it again.

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