Mechanism for 'publishing' custom palettes?

• May 26, 2019 - 23:23
  1. I am creating a number of specialized palettes that will be of use to certain subsets of the community. Is there a straightforward mechanism for sharing these?

  2. In addition, I'm creating some advanced palettes in connection with a pending feature release. Are the standard palettes simply part of the normal software release stream, i.e. to add a palette to the base product I would need to set up a full development environment and submit these via source code updates? Or is there some other means I could use for adding a palette to the core product (after due discussion of course).

Thanks if someone can clarify the situation.


I suggested an exchange for things like palettes a couple of weeks ago. I don't remember if it was in the forums or if I made a suggestion in the issue tracker.

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Do you know where custom palettes are stored locally? I don't see any entries in the various directories where custom elements get placed, like templates/plugins/extensions. A starting point would just be to find the (presumably) XML that defines the palette, so that I have a technical means for sharing it.

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Individual palettes are not saved by default. Workspaces, that contain palettes and toolbars are saved. You can right click a palette name and Save palette... anywhere you like. You can then open a custom workspace and load the palette - right click a palette name and choose Load palette... and it gets loaded either immediately above or below the selected palette (I forget which).

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Oh, duh, I should have realized this, sorry. I'd forgotten about the save/load mechanism. OK, that presumably makes it easy to share palettes. So then the question is, whether we should create a framework for sharing palettes, as you said, and what the procedure would be to add a saved palette to the core distribution.

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If you have a palette you think should be part of a release, then use the issue tracker, make it a suggestion and add your .mpal file and a picture of it to the suggestion. Some programmers know how to do this and Anatoly will decide if he wants it.

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