Violin attack doesn't play 32d notes (q=60) audibly

• May 28, 2019 - 00:16

(All 3.x, maybe more, I'm on Mac. Been so for a long time, but I've never complained).

At quarter=60, thirty-second notes (=.125 sec) (and ergo, trills) are almost inaudible in the "Violin" in the default sound font. In contrast, "Violins" has no problem. A violin that can't play fast notes is a big problem. Viola doesn't have these problems, but sounds expectably different (i.e., not a substitute).

I regret that I have not complained about this before, when something might have been done about it.


Thanks for the feedback. The FluidR3 violin samples have a slightly sluggish attack. I don't know that there's much I can do about it, since I don't have any staccato samples for that violin to blend for a faster attack. When I make the new solo strings for the full version of the SoundFont, I will try to make sure the note attacks are as responsive as possible (without sounding like a synth).

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Just wanted to log my complaint as well. Just to corroborate with BSG, like the viola, the cello part sounds perfectly fine in fast passages. It's just the violin that is is inaudible in the fast fugal section in my piece. If you could rectify this would be great.
Thanks for a great app, though.

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BSG has stopped complaining! As Selenium said, "Been rectified"! Use MS 3.2, where this is fixed (although you might have to choose between the "Slow violin expr" (no), and "Violin expr" in the Mixer). Works like a charm!

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