Not sure how to slow down playback at Fine

• May 28, 2019 - 16:33

I have entered a piece of classical music I want to play. There is a DS al Fine at the end, the music is in 6/8 time and the Fine bar (somewhere in the middle and containing 5 of of 6 beats) has a fermata at the end for a slow down. The first time through, the bar after Fine containing one 1/8 beat is played. The second time through the playback should slow and stop at the end of the Fine bar.

I made the jump work by making the Fine bar contain only 5 beats and adding a bar afterwards containing 1 beat. In that respect it looks the same as the original and plays the correct sequence.

Slow down at Fine.PNG

What I haven't managed to do is add a fermata that is only played when the music comes to the Fine for the last time.

I tried duplicating the Fine bar and adding 1. and 2. voltas but I couldn't get that to work.
I could just copy the first part to the end and take out the DS... but I would like to see if there's a way to make the fermata slow down the last time.

Is that possible in MuseScore?



What you want to do is not possible in MuseScore. Ornaments and tempos stay the same every time they are encountered.

As for the fermata over the barline, this is used in lieu of a caesura to indicate that there is a pause between movements. In classical music this has been used as long as I'm aware of. (I haven't seen much early baroque music so I don't know exactly when it started). This is not commonly practiced today. The pause between movements is now assumed. If there is no pause between movements, then there is an ATTACCA written on the score to indicate the movements are attached, even when there is a tie or slur connecting the movements.

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Yes, this is an awful problem, esp at the end of A and B in AABB movements. I have either put 'moderate' ritards at such points, teach myself to love the less-moderate ritard, or in DSaF pieces, used a MuseScore "coda". I do wish MS had a mechanism for this ("this tempo change only on pass n").

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There is a new tool in 3.1 (released a couple hours ago) that might help you here, it's under the Tools menu and called Unroll Repeats. Select this, and a new score is created in a new tab with all of the repeats and jumps unrolled so you can see exactly what MuseScore will play. You can adjust the playback (tempo, fermata etc.) on the appropriate iteration and save this score under a new name so you don't overwrite your properly notated score.

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I'll do that once I've figured out how to ask for it, or what to ask for; it's not obvious what the UI should be to "per-pass execution controls". Maybe just a right-click property on them would be enough.-- will think about it and do, thanks for your support.

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Someone needs to come up with an innovative way to allow anything to affect playback only on the x time through. This includes, but is no wise limited to

Notes (e.g. Sax plays second time only)

I've seen marcato second time through (or something similar) so I guess articulations do need to be included.

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