Visual Bug When Saving

• May 29, 2019 - 22:12

Hey everyone,
After installing the new update, I'm getting a visual bug that whenever I save, it distorts some of my Score's measures. I can fix this by Shift + [ or Shift + ], but every time I save it happens again. I've attached images of before & after saving to show you what's going on.

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It's hard to say much from just pictures, if you attach an actual score and steps to reproduce, we can understand and assist better. Looks at first like there might be an issue with the beam properties?

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Thanks, I can reproduce too. Something about that measure seems to be confusing the calculation of the measure width, I can clear out almost everything but the drumset measure and still see the issue, But it does go away if I actually remove too much (eg, the staves I cleared out).

Seems related to a less severe visual glitch some of us have noticed where things just shift a bit for no good reason.

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Glad that it can be noticed.

Also while at it, within the same score, I also have a problem where when stopping the score playback, occasionally I'll get the loudest possible snare rim shot right in my ears and I get a damn near heart attack each time.

Should I make a new forum about this issue or do you think it can be discovered in this thread as well?

I don't fully understand what is happening yet, but I've isolated some of the factors contributing to it and managed to create a simple test score that reproduces the problem. The main key here is having a mix of pitched and unpitched instruments, or different transpositions that produce key signatures of different widths. Depending on some other details of the layout and the operation performed (it's not just save that can trigger this), the first measure of a system can change width, in ways that produce the most noticeable problems if beams are involved.

I have opened an issue for this - see #289933: Layout shift in measure at start of system.

Mike, I'm pretty sure this will turn out to be the same layout shift we both commented on recently on Telegram. It's normally more subtle but when the "right" combination of factors come together, it can shift badly.

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