Does This Qualify as Copyright Infringement or Just Inspiration

• May 30, 2019 - 05:11

I wrote a song heavily inspired by Daniel Rosenfeld's, or better known as C418's, song "Mice on Venus." It is a song from the video game Minecraft. Anyway, generously borrowed from his song structure, tempo, and rhythm. However, the key, chord progressions, combination of notes are drastically different. So I am wondering if I am allowed to post this.

Original song is something like (although not exactly) this:
Note: This is a cover by Torby Brand, and so it probably is slightly different.

The song inspired by "Mice on Venus.":

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A_Minecraft_Inspired_Song_3.mscz 30.76 KB


what is important is that the melody is different.
Chords can be the same.
The form can be the same.
But the melody must be absolutely different.

If I compare the file you added with the link you added, I can say that this work is entirely yours.

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