Adding articulations is slow

• May 31, 2019 - 15:23

I've noticed that adding articulations is quite slow in 3.1 in page view.


For example, starting in measure 279 of the attached score in the Violin II part.

When I added the tremolos, the result was almost instant. When I added the Accents and Staccato there was a long lag. From my perspective, in m283, it doesn't matter if I select all of them and press S or one and press S it seems to take about the same amount of time.


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It means it's a bug I didn't cause, but I can fix :-) And an issue to attach the PR to helps...

We have all these style settings in Format / Style / Measure for distance from clef to key signature, time signature to first note, barline to accidental, etc - and we have this code that laboriously checks every pair of elements to see which of those to use. Somehow, the case of a clef change right at the start of a measure just fell through the cracks. So, we just need to check for it and apply the right style setting - "System header distance" or "System header with time signature distance" (hmm, currently mislabeled in the dialog as "System header to time signature distance").

For some reason, adding articulations apparently triggers a full relayout. I suspect this was not intentional, it seems to be just a matter of the code that figures out what tick range needs layout can't find the tick for the articulation, and that's only because it hasn't had its "parent" set yet at that point. Techno-babble I know, but anyhow, if you file an issue for this, it should be easy enough to fix.

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