Update - Crashes when deleting bars

• May 31, 2019 - 18:29

I updated to the latest version of MuseScore3 today (3.1.0-x86_64) and now the program crashes every time I try to delete one or more bars.
In case that it matters: I use Windows 10, 64 bit
Don't know if I'm the only one with this issue ...
Apart from that - thanks a lot for this great software!!!

postscript: I tried it now with older scores - it worked - the problem seems to be only with the new song ... can I upload it here without making it accessable for everybody? It's not my song - I'm allowed to use it but not to publish ...


Normally I'd say, delete everything but what is needed to reproduce the problem, then upload, but if that crashes, not a great option! But instead, maybe just delete the music (delete as opposed to ctrl+delete)?

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Aaaalright ... but I'm afraid, I haven't got the patience to experiment. ;-)
Now that I know that it's no issue that will occur with every score I create I decided to start a new document, trim it first to the number of bars I need and then copy and paste the music into it. It worked.
Thanks a lot for the support! Have a nice evening!

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