MuseJazz Chord Superscripts

• Jun 1, 2019 - 15:23

I'm using the MuseJazz font, and when inputting a chord like F#m7b5, the 7 gets superscripted and instead of the b5 not being superscripted, or at least being the same size as the 7, the b5 get superscripted above the 7. I really think the b5 should be the same size at the 7.

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Everyone has their own way of doing such things, the defaults were designed to mimic the style of the major jazz publishers. If you prefer your own style that does not make alterations smaller than extensions (this would not be common at all in published music, so I don't recommend it), you can create your own edited copy of the chords_jazz.xml file that comes with MuseScore and see if you can tweak it. The process isn't exactly well-documented, but it is possible. Do a search of these forums for information on customization chord descriptions files and that should help get you started.

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