Reset (Ctrl+R) does not reset leading space

• Jun 2, 2019 - 06:22

Searched the issue tracker, but didn't find the issue.
Displace a note by doubleclick and L/R arrow. Try to reset the position with Ctrl+R. Expected result: leading space will be reset to zero. Actual result: nothing happens.
Are my expectations not correct or is this a bug?
Win10 (64-bit):, e26f7c4


reset the position with Ctrl+R after selecting the note or measure?
MuseScore version (32-bit): 3.1.0., d4b829c seems to work regularly

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Actually I'm now in doubt if my expectations are correct. A global reset of a measure - all Chordoffsets plus leading space(s) could be too agressive. May be someone else minds to react what one reasonably might expect? If it's considered too agressive my question could turn in a feature request.

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I personally like Ctrl+R to reset everything and am annoyed when there is something it doesn't. I would say I understand why leading space might be special, in which case, a separate "reset leading space" command could be a good idea (much as we also have a separate "reset layout stretch").

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In that case: no reset glyph for leading space in the Inspector, so no expectations in that respect. And no risk of suddenly destroying a finetuned layout.
The amount of leading space has to be visible somewhere and would stay in the Inspector.
(Just as the amount of stretch is visible in 'Measure Properties'.)
And a separate command 'Reset leading space' in the Tools menu, with an assignable shortcut.
Are there other aspects I don't realize at the moment?
If not, shall I make an issue as a feature request instead of reporting it as a bug?

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