LibreOffice / MuseScore Extension Manager - update

• Jun 3, 2019 - 17:44

Some of you may know I had developed an extension for use with LibreOffice that would help automate the task of inserting musical examples into text documents (see This extension did a number of interesting things above and beyond what you could do by simply using the image capture tool to copy images from MuseScore into LibreOffice. But I think the most useful was the fact that it added the image as a link back to the score, so you could later Ctrl+click the image in LibreOffice and the corresponding score would automatically open in MuseScore for further editing (basically, a poor man's "object linking and embedding", for those familiar with this).

Changes to LibreOffice over the past year have broken the extension, which would have needed to be updated for MuseScore 3 as well. And while I really want to see this functionality continue to exist, I find that I am stretched a bit too thin to continue to maintain this myself. Plus, I'd really like to see similar functionality for other programs besides LibreOffice.

So, I have a couple of things to propose:

1) I have a trial implementation of a new feature from within MuseScore's image capture mode, "Copy image with link to score" that copies a snapshot of the selected region to the clipboard similarly to the existing Copy command, but in a way that includes a link to the score. You can then paste this into LibreOffice and have that same basic advantage as the extension, but it requires only a dozen lines of code and maintaining this is not likely to become a problem over time. Plus, it at least has a chance of working with other programs.


2) If someone wants to take over maintenance of the extension as it stands, please be my guest, and I'm happy to help get you up and running.

Question regarding 1) above: I recognize there are some aspects of the current extension that would be lost here (automatic resizing of images to fit within margins, ability to select the score and update it directly from within LibreOffice). But my sense is these aren't as important as having the link, and those people usign the extension would find there to be advantages to the new scheme that are pretty strong too (ability to use regions rather than requiring each example to be a separate score, possible support for programs other than LibreOffice). Thoughts?


Thanks for doing this! I think there are a few more features we should provide in MuseScore that would make it much easier to produce musicbooks-with-text, but a separate program will always be needed to produce textbooks-with-music. The LibreOffice extension was a great idea but too niche to see much adoption, and much effort for one person to develop on their own. These linked images sound like a more robust solution.

Now what would be great is if we could select a region of the score, such as a system or measure, and say "please take a screenshot of this region, and please overwrite that screenshot with a new one whenever this region changes". This is clearly a feature for MuseScore rather than another program/extension.

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