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• Jun 3, 2019 - 21:53

so in many of my arrangements/compositions, I find that i have to use repeats and make a section tacet the first time in a repeat, I know i can add text over the instruments part telling them to only play the second time, but id also like to hear the section played only the second time. Is there any way to accomplish this?

(an example of what I mean is in this little example thing I put together in a few minutes, at the very end.)

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Not without using the menu Tools->Unroll and editing the unrolled score and saving it unrolled (probably under a new name). If playback is critical this is a neat tool. You just can't use the audio for the unrolled score with the normal score at the same time. Also, the scores are independent, so you cannot edit one and have it change the other.

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Are you saying that a score can no longer have a YouTube default!?!?! There would be complaints left and right if that were the case (let alone the zillion scores that already do). The original poster is under the impression that setting a non-MS source default online has an option of working with an arbitrary MP3, which, as you note, is, by design, impossible. It only applies to YouTube sources. For the OP, the adminstrators of the site feel that allowing arbitrary soundfiles would open the floodgate to uncheckable copyright violation for which the site would be liable; with YouTube, this is apparently not so.

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I remember the option being there about 3 years ago but didn't use it, I don't think. It was before I was aware of the YouTube upload capability and also before I used save online, which I started using about a year ago. A few weeks ago I looked for it and it wasn't there, so it could have been removed anywhere during that 3 years.

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