Linked pats have wrong key signature in instrument pitch

• Jun 5, 2019 - 16:03

I've attached a score written in "C" concert pitch. The linked parts that need transposing (Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2&3 and Horn) have a problem. When the score is displayed in "Instrument Pitch" the parts are correctly displayed--Trumpets in "D" (two sharps) and the Horn in "G" (one sharp). However, when I display the individual parts, their display is incorrect. Trumpet parts have 4 sharps (even though the notes themselves are correct with accidentals) and the Horn part has 2 sharps, again with the correct notes and accidentals. What's going on? Did I do something wrong? This problem appears only on the two scores I've written in version 3, not in scores previously done in Musescore 2.
Thanks for your help. KJN

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There was a bug in some earlier 3.0 versions that could cause this to happen if you saved the score with concert pitch turned on. Once your score is fixed as above, update to 3.1 and it shouldn't happen again.

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Thank you, thank you. It worked like a charm. I was really frustrated; couldn't tear my hair out 'cause I'm already bald. That score was made on 3.0; I've now updated to 3.1.
By the way, I know how to spell "parts." (I'm not from New England.) My own personal program update to 79,290,146.1 corrected that issue.

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That's right. The problem surfaced before I updated to 3.1; I don't remember just what I did first, whether I noticed the update to 3.1 or if I fiddled with the score some more. In my frustration I may have done some crazy things. All is well now, though. Thank you. KJN
PS: I didn't realize that "OP" referred to me or I'd have replied earlier. Is that "Originating Person"?

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