Customised instrument name after mid-staff instrument change

• Jun 6, 2019 - 13:42

I would like to have the possibility to customise the short instrument name after a mid-staff instrument change in my scores. Currently, I have set MuseScore to be in Norwegian, but I do not want the Norwegian abbreviations to be shown in the scores I notate.

For example, in a score I am currently working on, a B♭ clarinet is included from the beginning, but is transposed to an A clarinet later in the score. My issue is that I want the short instrument name to be “Cl. (A)”, rather than “A-kl.” that it is now.

Sometimes I also experience that the horns are an octave too high, so I would like to have the opportunity to transpose an instrument after a mid-staff instrument change as well.

My suggestion is therefore that the “Change instrument” text provides the very same window as the “Stave/Part Properties” window when you want to change the instrument after right-clicking the text.


the horns are an octave too high

This is true in many existing score where the horn is written in the bass clef. I also look forward to when I can make a mid staff transposition for these cases. In the mean time, I use the bass clef with an 8 above it from the advanced palettes to handle the transposition.

Also I'm hoping this project will solve that problem and be merged after the summer sometime.

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