Triplet help

• Jun 8, 2019 - 06:30

I'm having some trouble replicating an interesting triplet rhythm. Can someone help me deconstruct this?

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All of the triplets you show are started by typing


The ones that have 16th notes are ready for you to enter the notes at this point. The ones with 8th notes and a tremolo line are missing the dot, so you need to press 4. before the letter name.

This is quite common in stings parts. Everyone familiar with string music has seen this and would realize the dots are missing.

For me, it's for having a simpler writing, in 4/4, One 6tuplets in each time. First time 6 notes, 3 f and 3 G, 2nd and 3rd time, 6 notes, 3 A and 3 G, and 4th time 6 notes, 6 A. For me, writing simpler but reading ...........

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