MusicXML file exported by Tux Guitar causes error when importing to Musescore 3

• Jun 8, 2019 - 13:45

I was playing around with Tux Guitar because of it's Guitar Pro 7 importing capabilities. But it seems that if I use Tux Guitar to export a file to Music XML, this file then cannot be read properly by Musescore and causes an error. I've tried this file on the most recent Appimage (3.1) on Manjaro Linux and the error I get is:

Fatal erreur : ligne 10 colonne 26 Element creator is not defined in this scope.

My question is then, is Tux Guitar exporting an invalid Music XML file or is there something wrong with the import capabilities of Musescore?

I've attached the exported file as an example.

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MuseScore validates against the latest MusicXML standard, so it does seem that Tux Guitar creates something invalid.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<creator type="composer"/>    <!--this  is the errnous line-->

You can ignore the error though and MuseScore will load the score

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The attached MusicXML file describes a single staff which is a mix between a normal staff and a tab staff: it has a G clef instead of a TAB clef, but is does contain string tuning. I am not quite sure if this is allowed by the spec and how it should be interpreted.

Furthermore, it contains many element written in incorrect order. This suggests to me the TuxGuitar authors did not do rigorous testing on their output.

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