I Can't Reposition The Part Text On The Second Page

• Jun 10, 2019 - 18:56

Check out the Part Text written as "+ Chorus" on the Page 2.

I can not move that.

How to fix that?

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I'm talking about the text "+ Chorus" written in black without having a frame on the second page.

I hope we're talking about the same text. Maybe you confused that with the ones red with red frames.

I don't understand why the ones on the first page can be moved and the ones on the second page can not.

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The texts on the bottom of the page 1 "+Verse" and "+Chorus (Son 2 bar yok)" Black colored texts without having frames.

These can be moved.

However the the text on the second page "+Chorus" can not be moved. Black colored text without having frame.

Thank you very much Shoichi. Maybe later somebody understands and can give a fix for that.

Thoese 2 texts have been entered as Lyricist text into the title frame, got their style changed to Part Name and moved down to the bottom of the page.

It's a known issue that MuseScore allows you to drag text off the page when it shouldn't. And once it is dragged off, you can no longer select it. So follow the advice given here to return it to its proper location on page 1, then delete it, then add it properly to page 2.

Actually, though, all of those text elements "+Chorus" etc are added incorrectly. They should not be attached to the title frame since they are intended to display betwene specific systems. What you did is guaranteed to cause problems, as I explained in a previous thread. Delete them all (rg, right-click one, Select / More / Same subtype, then Delete). Then re-add them correctly, for example as text frames, or as rehearsal marks or some other text that will properly attach to the measure/note they are meant to apply to.

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