How to do single note crescendo

• Jun 10, 2019 - 21:46

I recently noticed that the new update added single note crescendos. However, it seems to me that there is no difference at all, so I was wondering whether there is a special setting for this type of crescendo.


To use it with your existing soundfonts, open the synthesizer and in the dynamics tab set Dynamics method: to CC events only (constant velocity) and CC to use: to CC11. DO NOT click To Expressive with these options and do not set sounds in the mixer to the ones that end espr.

If you want to use sounds that end in espr. using the MuseScore_General_HQ soundfont set Dynamics method to Default and CC method to CC2 and click Switch all patches to Expressive.

Look for a comprehensive "How to..." in the next day or two.

But to be clear: none of the above is necessary unless you wish to use a custom soundfont. With the default soundfont, everything works perfectly right out of the box. At least it does for instruments that are actually capable of this - a piano won't crescendo in the middle of note no matter how hard you try.

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In order to to understand what is going wrong in your specific score, we'd need you to attach it and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem,. But it definitely works when using the default soundfont/settings, assuming you are not trying to do the impossible like make a piano crescendo. Also be sure you are actually putting in appropriate dynamics or velocity changes in the Inspector. Again, though, if you still have problems, please attach your score.

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Which crescendo in particular are you concerned with? I checked the first one I saw, in the voice part measure 19, and there are a number of strange things getting in the way. One is that you have what should be a whole note broken up into quarter notes, with individual dynamics on each. None of that is necessary, so first I'd go back and change that to just a single whole note. Then, make sure you put an end dynamic after the hairpin, like on beat 2 of the next measure. Right now you have no dynamic after the hairpin, so MuseScore doesn't know how much of a crescendo you want. When I fix those problems, it works as expected. I assume any other crescendos you are having problems with probably have similar errors.

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Okay I'll return to what I had before. Vocally I wanted a long slow crescendo. When I read a node about changing the notes I decided to use it but don't like it. I actually wrote in dynamic markings for instruments to do the long slow crescendo and they work. Just can't get the vocal sound to do it. Will see if I can do it by using the end of the hairpin on the 2nd beat. Thank you.

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