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I need to set the score to a DBA b signature, but the b only appears on B. This is for a Drum and Bugle Corps score with all 7 bugles in the key of G. However, if I just make a single chart, the triple b's do show.

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I don't know what a "DBA b" signature is, and so I can't really follow the rest of your post. Can you please explain the problem you are seeing more detail?

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I belong to a Drum and Bugle Corps. All of the horns are "G" pitched bugles consisting of sopranos, melophones, baritones and contras (tuba). Traditionally, the entire score is written G clef.

The issue is if I try to set up the score with Eb major signature I only get a F major on the score. However, if I only write parts for each horn Eb major works.

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Are you perhaps confusing music in the key of G with instruments that a G transposing with se of the G clef? These are three totally different uses of the letter G, and it still isn't quite clear which meaning you are referring to where. My guess is you are mostly taking about a G clef, since those instruments are not normally G transposing instruments. They are normally Bb transposing instruments, meaning it is toally correct that if you create a score in the key of Eb, the part for those instruments will need to be in F.

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That is totally correct. These are transposing instruments - music for them needs to be written a step higher than you want it to sound. So, if you want Eb, you need to write F. As suggested above, if you want to write at sounding (concert) pitch for now, simply press the Concert Pitch button. Then be sure to turn it off when you are done (although this happens automatically when you generate parts).

When you drag a Key Signature from the palette you are dragging a Concert Pitch KeySignature. The number of sharps or flats will be different for a transposing instrument so you have to add (or take away) flats or sharps.

Why do all the instruments in this score appear to be clones of Bb Trumpets if your instruments are pitched in G? Choose a G instrument (e.g. G Horn) as your base or choose any instrument but adjust its transposition in Stave Properties.

Turn off Concert Pitch - it is meant to allow you to see differnt pitch instrument when you are composing or arrranging but you don't need it when all your instruments are in G.

Drag two (Concert Pitch) flats onto your score and the G-pitched transposing instruments will show three flats. C (Concert Pitch) and G (your instruments) are fifth apart. Eb (three flats) and Bb (two flats) are a fifth apart.

The attched score is an example only and you would need to adjust some instruments up a Fifth, some down a Fourth, add an octave or 2 here and there.

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Instead of:
"I need to set the score to a DBA b signature, but the b only appears on B."
Methinks the OP meant:
"I need to set the score to a EBA b signature, but the b only appears on B."

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