Playback is sharp and too fast

• Jun 11, 2019 - 07:08

MuseScore 3 is playing all scores 3/4-step sharp, e.g. G is somewhere between G# and A; and playback is also sped up, e.g. a piece with a marking for 188 bpm plays at about 200 bpm. This seems to be consistent across scores and restarts. What could be the problem?


Sounds like a record being sped up, or the difference between 44Mhz and 48Mhz sampling. Suggesting it's basically a hardware / dsound driver problem, not a MuseScore problem

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Ah hah! I often run Ableton concurrently, and indeed, I had the I/O sample rate set to 48000. I changed it (in Ableton) to 44100, and it fixed the MuseScore issue! Thanks.

Interesting that MuseScore doesn't detect the sample rate and adjust accordingly. Perhaps this can be considered a bug.

My old v1 scores played back faster in v2. Could you have a similar version difference?

Can't recall whether there was a change in pitch though. That speed change would give just over a semitone using a record, so that's consistent with marc's thoughts... :) Can't check now as my system is screwed up.

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