Same chords across instruments

• Jun 11, 2019 - 09:33

I don't know if this has been asked already, (couldn't find anything on google, and there doesn't seem to be a dedicated feature request search here) but i would very much like to have a function that separates the chords from the individual notes.

Let's say i have a lead sheet, with the melody and the chords and i would like to write out a specific guitar part in tabs. I would like to be able to then hide the staff with the melody and lyrics but still show the chords, as if they ware attached to the guitar part.
So the chords need to be global as it were, always showing regardless of how many instruments are there.

I hope i'm being clear in what i mean.

PS: thanks for all the hard work in making this program, i don't want to sound ungrateful by pointing out a feature i could use


Well, 'system' type chord symbols had been discussed in the past...

The only solution so far is to add them to all staves and in the main score make them invisible for all but the top staff

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