Tempo Defaults to 120 BPM Without Changing Written Tempo

• Jun 12, 2019 - 03:32

I seem to recall this happening for a short while in MuseScore 2, but that's besides the point...
As of late, every second or third time I start playback while editing a score, the tempo defaults to 120 BPM (according to the Play Panel) without any input on my end. For example, when I edit a measure in the score that I'm currently working on, with a notated/written/etc. tempo of 58 BPM, I resume playback and all of the sudden the Playback is cruising along at 120. However, if I simply double click on the tempo marking, as if I were editing it, and then click away, the score seems to 'remember' what the tempo is and play it back as normal. As I said before, this cycle repeats every three to five times that I play the score, from anywhere within it.

This is a recurring problem that seems to have started when I updated to MS 3.1 and is not score-specific. While it doesn't prevent me from using the program, it's quite frustrating, especially in larger scores when I have to scroll back to find the last tempo change and 'remind' the program what the tempo is.

Update: This seems to be specific to continuous view.


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