EXport from 1.3 to nightly build

• Aug 6, 2014 - 10:32

when export from 1.3 as XML and import it to the nightly build (MuseScoreNightly-2014-08-05-1722-2f8b654) here are some observations:
1- accidentals flat-slash are not imported. however normal accidentals flat are imported.
2- custom key signature is not imported. standard key signature is imported.
3- tuning offset is not imported.


The nightlies can open 1.3 mscz files directly, does this show the same problems?
When you import those XML files into 1.3 again, does that work properly?
The question is whether 1.3 exports these thing to XML in the first place.

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No, if 1.3 mscz open by nightly directly, every thing was fine except that the custom key signature was disappeared. And if I created that key in the palette and dragged it to the score, nothing happened.

if the same XML opened again by 1.3, flat-slash was replaced by mirrored-flat-slash , the custom key signature was disappeared and the tuning offset set to zero again.
see measure number="13" in the attached XML , second note E

also in both scenarios line break was added after each system which was not there in the original sheet.

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