Fonts for lyrics in Musescore 3

• Jun 15, 2019 - 08:39

I have created the score in musescore 3 using MSN - but can not change the font to arial or make it larger. I could do it in Musescore 2.3 on previous scores. Wish I'd used that as I had saved the style. Help, because I don;t want to key in 5 pages again


  1. Select a single lyric.
  2. Use the inspector to reset the font/size settings using the circled arrow button on those settings.
  3. Now select your desired font and size.
  4. Press the "set as style" button (with the S)
  5. Right-click (mac ctrl-click) and choose "Select all Similar Elements"
  6. Use the Inspector to once again press the reset button on those two settings.

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