Looking for good orchestral pieces in which saxophone plays an important role

• Jun 15, 2019 - 08:58

It isn't about music notation software, but I guess it's OK to talk about it here...?
I'm about to give a speech about saxophone, and I'm required to talk about some saxophone pieces. I'm not quite familiar with the realm of orchestral pieces containing saxophone, so I'm asking for your help -- does anyone know about good works which are up to the mark? It's best to be of alto saxophone, so I can play it live. THANKS!


Debussy's arrangement of Picture at an Exhibition has a short but important part for Alto Sax. The expectation in many Symphonic pieces is that a Clarinet player will double on the Sax. This is similar to the idea of Jazz bands having the Saxes double on Flutes and Clarinets.

I've seen some symphonic pieces that include a Sax quartet, but I'm not finding the one I'm thinking of on my computer right now.

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I did mean Ravel but Old Castle? Is that the English translation of the Chinese translation of the French translation of the original Russian name of one of the sections? If Old Castle in Pictures at an Exhibition it's the right one, because the sax is only in one section (one file that I made). https://musescore.com/user/6105546/sets/5097791 I don't remember which one at the moment and my version 2 is currently in a state I can't easily find it on my computer.

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