delete entire bar

• Jun 15, 2019 - 23:44

I want to delete an entire bar, not just the content in the bar.
Following the instructions here, I have managed to select the bar. However, step 6 doesn´t work because the Tools menu in my Musescore 3 doesn´t have the menuitem "Timewise delete". Nor does ctrl+del work; the bar is still there.

Not following the instructions, I have also tried:
- from the Tools menu, selecting "Remove selected range" and
- from both the Edit menu and the right mouse-click context menu, simply "Delete".
In all cases, the bar remains.


In version 3.1, timewise delete is Remove selected measures in the right click menu, in the tools menu it's removed selected range and ctrl+delete is the shortcut. This means that you have probably only selected the notes rather than the entire measure. There are other possibilities, but this seems the most likely. To select the entire measure you can click the first note then shift+click the last note in the measure. Normally you should be able to click an empty spot on the staff lines to select the measure, but if there are a lot of notes, this sometimes doesn't work well in 3.1.

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