Single note dynamics on custom soundfonts

• Jun 16, 2019 - 08:49

The new Single Note Dynamics feature is cool and is useful in multiple ways. However, when I load up my own soundfont, it is not working. Is it possible that this will be made possible someday soon?


You soundfont needs to support this, via any of the avilable CCs (1, 2 (default), 4 or 11). You need to make your soundfont compatible and use the corresponding settings in the Synthesizer dialog

Look for where there's some useful suggestions of realizing it. But it's not perfect -- since "non-expressive" is configured, all instrument don't have timbre changes, even from ppp to fff. That means the timbre of piano/timpani when ppp is the same as fff (which is really bad for the ear), only the velocity is much more smaller.

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