Problem while using SoundFonts

• Jun 16, 2019 - 13:24

When I'm using SoundFonts oher than the default one and try to export a wav/mp3 file, the exported file is completely silent. Additionally, when I close and reopen a score, the sound of instruments that did not use the default SoundFont get automatically replaced by incorrect sounds of the default SoundFont. In older versions of Musescore clicking "Save to Score" in the Synthesizer solved the problem, but it no longer does. I'm using the newest version.


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I realy hope that these issues are one and the same and that it gets fixed - most people seem to experience problems when exporting only parts of a score, meanwhile I have problems when exporting the entire score. Also most say the exported file plays an incorrect sound while mine makes no sound at all. I guess I'll have to wait until next update and see.

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