Bug in the new update with the soundfont

• Jun 17, 2019 - 04:08

I just updated to Musescore 3.1, I really like the new changes but there's one bug that I've encountered. When I open a score, it will make random instruments have this gross vibrato sound and I dont know how to fix it. (Also I like how certain instruments got volumes changed, like bass clarinet)


In order to understand and assist, we'd need you to attach a score you are having problems with and tell us exactly what to listen for and where. Also be sure you aren't using any non-default soundfonts in View / Synthesizer (if you are, the problem may be there).

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Still, it could be due to the specific instruments you tend to use, or some setting you typically use, or the soundfont. Again, without more information, there is no way we can assist. It works fine in general, so something is different for you, and we need more information - starting with a sample score to rule out to more obvious things - in order to have any hope of understanding. The other information I requested is also important.

Could also help export some sample audio and upload it to Dropbox or some such and include a link here so we can hear what you are hearing, and then we can compare it to what we hear for that exact same score.

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