Unable to Play Back Scores

• Jun 17, 2019 - 19:39

The playback section is completely grayed-out and I can't open the play panel nor the Synthesizer. I tried resetting MuseScore to factory settings, and I tried changing the I/O devices to the ones that I use, but it won't even let me click for a drop-down menu. It's as though it just doesn't recognize them at all.

This all happened after MuseScore decided to auto-update the other day.

I even tried using MuseScore 2 right after then, but I started having the exact same problem as soon as I opened it. (P.S.: if a dev sees this post, I will happily uninstall MuseScore 2 in favor of 3 if you allow the option to choose between legacy and new layout--i.e. the palettes as well as the toolbars at the top.)

Someone please help!

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Indeed, 64 vs 32 bit would explain if MsueScore 2 works but MuseScore 3 doesn't, but not probably if 3.x works and 3.x+1 doesn't. Could though be conflict with another program that just happened to arise around the same time. That could also expain how MuseScore 2 suddenly started acting up as well. A reboot never hurts.

BTW, not sure what you mean about layout, but both MuseScore 2 and 3 allow considerable customization of the UI (3 more so than 2). See for instances View / Toolbars, or the Handbook under Custom palettes.

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