duplets triplets

• Jun 18, 2019 - 09:29

having done the duplet a dot c I want the demisemiquaver triplet g d c, but both are each time connecting The_Keel_Row 2.png
whatever I do, always the same. What can I do ? This happens often ...
In the duplet a is not taking the dot.


In reply to by Ja'hé -or make…

The picture above this reply looked like the triplet and duplet were on strange off beats. If you changed the beaming properties to do this automatically, you would probably end up with beams not being connected where they normally should be.

Your responses after this reply seem to indicate the problem was more related to improperly creating tuplets (generic for duplet, triplet...). You now seem to have a grasp on that, so perhaps if the tuplets start on normal beats, you could set default beaming to be helpful.

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