possible hacking here?

• Jun 18, 2019 - 13:16

Basil Spencer-Hicken (https://musescore.com/user/28620554) sent a message: I am a casual user and was considering getting a premium account. Unfortunately that will not happen now as I find this application has been hacked, As soon as I run Musescore 3, and I use the search facility to look for music, I notice that in the browser that starts up (Windows Edge for Windows 10:64 bit) a number tabs open up with what appears to be videos emanating from a Russian website. I I close them - they simply reappear.
I use antivirus software of Windows and I also use ADBLOCK PLUS and have not yet had this problem until I started using MuseScore3. I uninstalled the Musescore 3 and reset MS EDGE and repaired it and found no problems.. I then reinstalled Musescore 3 and guess what... the problem with the Russian videos & multiple tabs re-occurred.
I really love the MuseScore application and I hate uninstalling it but I dislike these irritant tabs and videos more... sorry. If you manage to fix let me know and I will gladly reinstall.
My email address is basilsp@hotmail,com should you wish to reply with a remedy.
Basil Spencer-Hicken


If you're talking about the "Search for sheet music" in the header of mosescore.org and musescore.com: eithe related to musescore.com only and issues with it need to get reported on that rather than here.

MuseScore 3 doesn't have any search facilities (for scores) has far as I know?

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thanks for your reply.
musescore 3 desktop app does indeed have a search dialog for scores. As soon as the application started it presents a dialog with previous scores one was working on that also contains a search box for one to type in either an artist, or a song name. Using this search dialog takes one to the web page where one can look for scores & help & all sorts of good things. Using the Applications search dialog is what caused my problem with the Russian videos opening up in multiple tabs in my browser.

Using the Web page search is fine.
I did post this originally on the Musescore application page (I think) and was asked to place m,y comments here for others to read... this being an open source system.

Once again thanks for replying.

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It's true the start center will open scores on musescore.com, and that website is very likely housed in Russia. But it shouldn't open more than one tab, and that tab should just be a regular page on musescore.com, not a video, and not in Russian unless the score just happens to be that way. But I also believe the site is ad-supported (ads go away if you have a Pro account), so it's certainly possible there are some videos in some ads, that I couldn't say.

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