Bug : écran noir: MuseScore has crashed

• Jun 18, 2019 - 13:29

Lorsque j'essaie d'ouvrir le fichier, le logiciel me demande : voulez vous restaurer la session précédente. Que je réponde oui ou non, il apparait alors un écran noir avec la mention: Unfortunately MuseSore has crashed.
Pour les autres fichiers si je restaure cela fonctionne.

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Google translate:

Bug: black screen: MuseScore has crashed

When I try to open the file, the software asks me: want to restore the previous session. That I answer yes or no, it then appears a black screen with the mention: Unfortunately MuseSore has crashed.
For other files if I restore it works.

Confirmed, in 3.1 and latest development build

Stack trace:
1 Ms::Segment::prev segment.h 91 0xde17a8
2 Ms::Segment::prev1 segment.cpp 321 0x8f9b9b
3 Ms::Score::getNextMeasure layout.cpp 2781 0x885dc7
4 Ms::Score::collectSystem layout.cpp 3555 0x889cb2
5 Ms::LayoutContext::collectPage layout.cpp 4334 0x88e889
6 Ms::LayoutContext::layout layout.cpp 4644 0x8905c5
7 Ms::Score::doLayoutRange layout.cpp 4629 0x8904c6
8 Ms::Score::update cmd.cpp 221 0x99486f
9 Ms::readScore file.cpp 2348 0x649475
10 Ms::MuseScore::readScore file.cpp 349 0x63799e
11 Ms::MuseScore::openScore file.cpp 327 0x637864
12 Ms::MuseScore::loadFiles file.cpp 304 0x637512
13 Ms::MuseScore::cmd musescore.cpp 5950 0x4f622a
14 Ms::MuseScore::cmd musescore.cpp 5758 0x4f53e5
15 Ms::MuseScore::qt_static_metacall moc_musescore.cpp 855 0x40a1d6
16 ZN11QMetaObject8activateEP7QObjectiiPPv 0x68c82085
17 ZN12QActionGroup7hoveredEP7QAction 0x264c4ee5

Looks remarkably similar to #286495: Corrupt score with empty measure crashes on load
And indeed that score too contains a completly empty measure. Removing that manually fixes the score

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