Scrolling Mixer

• Jun 18, 2019 - 17:46

I have not had a score with a large number of staves, since the new mixer came out, till now. I could not find a way to scroll the mixer and resorted to extending it to the right and dragging the mixer to the left, far off screen.
I eventually decided to try hiding the taskbar and this revealed the scrollbar. I suppose changing the screen resolution might fix the problem. I have not tried it, as I do not wish to change that.
Surely it would be possible to reduce the depth of the dialog by 1.00 cm. to resolve this problem.


There are on going discussion on how best to redesign the mixer. The current is generally better than old version 2 mixers, but has its own problems, like the size. In the mean time, in the middle of the mixer is a triangle that hides the top part of the mixer and makes scrolling easier/possible in some situation. It's not necessarily the best solution, but the one we have at the moment.

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Thanks Mike320,
I did hide the top panel but it made no difference in my situation.
Could I suggest that the track sliders be made much narrower, as in many DAWs, which would get more tracks into the same width of dialog.

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Hiding the detail panel does not reduce the height of the dialog, it just makes the track sliders longer to take up the space. The "Play part only" checkbox at the top left is Checked. Clicking on it does Not UnCheck it. I do not understand what it relates to anyway.

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