Distinguish ties and slurs globally

• Jun 19, 2019 - 17:04


Is it possible to set a global setting so that ties are always dotted and slurs are always dashed? I transcribe sheet music for choir practise, and it would be very useful if ties and slurs didn't look identical. At the moment I simply delete all slurs when I discover a particular piece of music is confusing in this regard.



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Okay... so do I understand you correctly that this can't be set as a global setting, but must be applied manually at the very end of the project? I mean, if I use your method to make ties dashed, and I add a tie later, will it also be dashed? No, the tie I add later is solid.

Changing them globally just isn't a normal request. Perhaps you have a reason for wanting it and there's nothing wrong with that. It's not likely someone else will spend time creating a feature for one or very few people.

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Well, slurs and ties look the same, but they're not the same.

I suppose you're right, though -- this isn't a usual request: most sheet music authors just assume their readers know enough about music to know when a slur means "do not sing the note anew" and when a slur means "sing the note (because it's not the same note)".

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