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• Jun 20, 2019 - 02:43


I recently upgraded my Musescore 2 to Musescore 3 as it was impossible for me to keep opening files with my old version. So i finally updated ...
And now some notes are not beeing played, for instance in the sheet i have linked, the 2nd to 8th double tongs from mesure 2 are not played ...
To be honnest, it's been something like 4 years since i started to use Musescore regularly, and it's the 1st problem i encounter.

All help is welcome :)


OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: e26f7c4

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I don't think it's true that notes with a specified velocity don't play at all, just that the specific velocity they are assigned may be ignored. I think the issue here is something else - it's the "fp". It was assigned a velocity of only 49, which is far too quiet to be an "f" and which causes the following "p" (which is set to a change of -47) to be almost inaudible. In previous versions, you could get away with this because the "p" part was ignored, but now that we do correctly honor dynamics like "fp", it's important to not change the default velocity for these in a way that breaks them.

The fix here is to re-add the "fp" dynamics from the palette (or manually set their velocity back to the default, which for MuseScore 3 should be 96)

After further investigation there is something else going on here than I thought. I reset all of the velocities to 0 offset and fixed the -47 velocity change on the fp and still get no notes played back on the same notes.

After examining the .mscx file I've found that there is a dynamic in the .mscx, with no type or subtype where the silence starts. I guess, version 3 takes this to mean a 0 veocity dynamic and mutes the notes.

I see this was created in version 1.2, if that matters to anyone. To get rid of the bogus dynamic, you need to right click a dynamic, select>All similar items and delete the selection. You can then reenter the dynamics for playback and/or display purposes.

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