unselectable slur

• Jun 20, 2019 - 23:04

I have a slur that can't be selected. I don't use a Mac, but noticed on one location the recommendation to make the score larger until you can select it. Well, here's how it appears (okay, you're makin' it hard, can't just copy/paste image. See first attachment).

When I enlarge the score, it vanishes (see attachment).
I've tried inserting a measure and copying a part at a time. The slur is gone, but next time I look, it's appeared in the new measure and nothing I've done so far seems to make it go away for good.

I need this piece soon, so would welcome any help you can offer. Email: phroglis@sbcglobal.net, please.

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It's hard to help from just a picture - the actual score is better. But it's very likely this is actually attached to some note on another page then was (accidentally?) dragged to this page. You need to find what measure it belongs to - look for missing slur. Or, more likely, a tie - I think that's what this looks more like. Once you find it, select the measure, Ctrl+R to returns things to default for that measure. Sometimes switching to continuous or single page view might work, since there are no multiple pages to get in the way - but you might find the stray tie somewhere else entirely.

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