Space entire piano staves downwards

• Jun 21, 2019 - 15:32

Hello everyone
I'm very happy with MS3's autoplacement, but sometimes odd things happen. At this moment, I'm trying to figure out how to move the piano staves downwards throughout the entire score, without having to insert "up" staff spacers on every page. In other words, I'd like to tell MS that the piano stave should be X pixels below the bass stave, always (in this file).

piano staves different.png

In the image, you'll see that the piano staves are a lot closer to the bass stave on the left page, but further down on the right page, due to the higher notes. I'd like the piano staves to line up (more or less) on both pages, throughout the entire sheet music, without having to tweak a setting on every page.

Is that doable?


If you want some extra space above a staff for the entire score, right click the staff, choose staff/part properties and enter a number in "Extra distance above staff:" This will add that much space above that staff for the entire score. If for some reason you find the odd staff with too much distance, you can then use the "Staff spacer fixed down" to set the distance between two staves.

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