Does MuseScore 3 support "scrubbing"

• Jun 21, 2019 - 20:39

I am writing choral music and long for the ability to scrub through the chords. Has this been implemented? I would be willing to donate if there is a scrubbing mode.


Not quite.
You could try using the play panel to a very low tempo and then drag the playback slider with the mouse once playback has started.

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It's a tradeoff - no doubt you'll find other software that has this but lacks other things MsueScore does. Personally, when I switched from Finale to MuseScore, I missed it for a few days then quickly got used to the many other ways of checking my work. Not that I'd turn it down if someone were to implement it, but I think you'll discover there are many alternatives to this, and many things in MsueScore you'd much rather not do without *unless the "elsewhere" means, software costing close to $1000 which would indeed do everything MuseScore does and then some).

I too would really value scrubbing during playback, for exactly the same reason, choral arranging and composition. I use scrubbing in Melodyne to check what a chord is in something I'm trying to analyse and then want to check it is playing back right by scrubbing through the same chord in MuseScore. I adore MuseScore and am grateful for everything that it is, but scrubbing playback would be immensely useful.

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