What good is the iOS app?

• Jun 22, 2019 - 03:04

So I installed it on my iPad a while back and I poked at it but it never did anything obviously useful. So finally today I decided to really figure it out. Obviously it is accessing musescore.com because it pops up a list of titles that are on there, and if I input a title (of MINE!) that's there, the app will find it, but so what? when I go to click on it it says cannot download this for absolutely everything. making the app pretty much useless. Now, admittedly my iPad is super old and I'll be getting a new one in a few weeks. but.......
Any suggestions?


Indeed to get help it is better to go there, but for the record - once you get it workinI, you will find it does indeed allow you to view and play your score, asking transpose, change size, access individual parts, etc.

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Where is it I'm supposed to go please? Yes I figured it would play scores that are on the web if you are connected with wifi which I was. It recognized my login on musescore.com etc and everything, pulled up my list of scores plus a bunch of other ones but it wouldn't bring any of them down, including my own ones. I don't use the play feature much, so I had never bothered with the iOS app, but if it would load them one could always play off them too using the app as a music book.

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