Extended Triplet

• Aug 7, 2014 - 04:46

How do I extend a measure to 6/4 from 4/4 to make an extended triplet?


Could you explain more what you mean? You can change the time signature of a measure by dragging the desired time signature from the palette at left (or press T to bring up the window that lets you create your own time signatures). If you just want two more beats in the measure without changing the time signature, right click an empty spot in the measure, Measure Properties, and change the Actual duration to 6/4.

Not sure what this has to do with tuplets, though, so perhaps I am misunderstanding the question.

I think that may be what I need. I have a song I am trying to transpose, and it is all in cut-time 4/4. Within this, I have a few measures here and there that are still cut-time 4/4, but have triplets made of 3 half-notes. I'm looking to extend the measure to allow for said triplet.

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Glad you got it. :)

Small point, but it is usually better to ask a new question in a new thread so people can find it and answer. Also, you can do a search in the search box, or, again, my favorite way, first thing I do is read through the handbook (top right).

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