Cant open file anymore after program crashed

• Jun 25, 2019 - 05:04

Hi there,
I have worked on this project for a couple of days now so i am really upset. I just saved my project and tried to press the play button to listen to it then the program crashed and the file wont open anymore, every time i try the whole program crashes. I already sent crash reports, but i am really afraid of loosing my work. Is there any way to repair my file without great loss?
I tried to open the file in every possible way I know, restarting the computer and everything. Other files open without a problem. The whole program works fine, just this (important) file won't.

I am thankful for any advice and help in this matter!
Thank you for your time!


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although it works now thanks to you, what is it with voltas? i am a complete noob so i dont get what i did wrong, and wont do it again hopefully. So was it just to much because there was a mistake i made with using the volta function? i did several copys now so nothing to loose anymore...

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Thank you! Any chance of getting this in other languages? I am not native and also don't know anything about music, except what i teached myself in learning by doing. So its already hard to understand in my language... so i tried to understand voltas by crashing my file as you can see.

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Due to this issue: #274690: Playback of a score starting with a volta fails and leads to crash
E.g: insert a new first measure in your score, the problem is gone. See: Melusine insert new measure.mscz

By reducing the volta only over the first 17 measures (so, no volta on measure 18), no more crash, but the playback fails anyway: Melusine measure 18.mscz

NB: I can reproduce from scratch now, and I will reopen the involved issue.

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