Wrong dynamic from the interaction of unrelated staves or instruments

• Jun 25, 2019 - 06:17

The attached file is an example in which there seems to be a cross interaction between the dynamics of two instruments. Here we have a clarinet and two French horns. At a given point the dynamic sign applied to the clarinet behaves erratically (see the p and next f). The horns have very long crescendi. The example is the result of bisecting the problem by removing completely by groups the contents of staves. The culprit turns to be the French horn.
I have had a similar problem in the past, I recall, between staves of a piano system (in an earlier version), but it was a single instrument.
Am I doing anything wrong or it is a bug?

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Thanks, but I don't think that is the problem, since first of all such offset is intentional to get an accent in that syncopated note, which is indeed implemented by MS and verifiable with the absolute velocity graph in the piano roll (the crescendo appers linear and that note above the slope). Second, I isolated further the clarinet and the problem disappears.

Here is the screen capture of the piano roll ofthe clarinet part:


In the bottom panel I have selected absolute velocity display. As can be seen, the dynamics are the expected ones. The p in measure 5 is p all the time (vel = 49) and so is the f in measure 6 (vel = 96) in contrast with the really rendered sounds. I also exported to MIDI (for some reason I cannot attach it) and, except for the single-note dynamics in the French horns, which is not played, the rendering is the expected one.
So I think there is a bug causing the velocity information being sent to the Fluid synthesizer to be wrong.
I couldn't find a workround so far.
There is also no way to disable the playback of a hairpin.

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