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• Jun 25, 2019 - 18:19

Is this some kind of bug in MS 3+ ? See attachment first measure. When I select the triplet notes, and right click on the selection, no copy command will appear! I wanted to copy/paste to measure 2 into the correspond positions Tried several times. What is going on? Would you advise I just go back to MS 2+ ? I would like to be more up to date in MS 3 though.

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Neither version allows the Copy command from the right-click menu if nothing copyable is selected. Be sure you have a valid selection (eg, something with a blue rectangle around it) and try again. BTW, right-click is one way to do a copy but an easier way - in any version, really any program at all - it Ctrl+C. It's one of those universal shortcuts honored by pretty much every program ever, like Ctrl+S to save or Ctrl+P to print.

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I tried the operation several times again. When I right-clicked the selection, all that comes up is: Style, Page Settings, and Load Style. When I tried Ctrl+C, it said "Please select the complete triplet/tremolo and try again." I"ve tried selecting beginning on the eighth rest instead of the first notes, makes no difference. IT's NOT working. Something is wrong. EDIT/UPDATE: Now I'm getting a message that says "Cannot paste into tuplets" after copying the selection.(I tried just selectin Violin 1. triplets alone)

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well, that IS strange1 I've been selecting stuff just as I always have on MS, and now it won't work in the new versions! What can be done? IS this a known bug inn mS3+? Please note that the quarter notes in Vcs and Contras coppied nicely from jst one measure, but the triplets won't copy I never had any trouble with this before.

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If you mean you selected a group of triplets with a box around them and right clicked inside the box, I don't understand what you're doing wrong. In testing just now (version 3.2) unless I clicked on the blue frame itself, I was getting the menu you want. I personally never use the right click menu, I always press ctrl+c for copy and ctrl+v for paste.

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Unless you like doing things the slow way, forget right-clicking for copy and paste. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are now and always have been more efficient. But if for whatever reason you do wish to continue right-clicking, just be careful that you are actually within the staff when you right-click, since the popup that appears does vary according to where the mouse is, and if you're not within the staff, you won't get the options that only apply when within a staff, like copy & paste.

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Yes, I understand that. Thanks for your reply. It turns out that MS 3 did not like my preparing the measure where the triplet figures were to be pasted by setting up triplet rests in that measure. I got a message saying "cannot paste into tuplets". So I deleted the triplet rests and simply put in quarter rests, then the figures all copied and pasted fine.

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Yes, you are right. Come to think of it, that's the way it always works. For some unknown reason I thought tuplets were a special case and needed the destination measure to have tuplet rests to paste into. The joke is on me! I'm glad those are not needed it would just make more work.

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