sforzato signs are wrongly rendered in mscore2 (nightly build)

• Aug 7, 2014 - 07:41

I'm using mscore2 from some nightly build. I try to mark some notes with the sforzato sign (>) by using the "articulations and Ornaments" palette, but the sforzato is rendered as a small rectangle and not as > sign. I have attached an mscore-1 score having such articulations. This score is rendered well in mscore-1, but not in mscore-2.

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Generally, you *do* need to run "make install" at least once, or else MuseScore won't be able to find its auxiliary files - soundfonts, chord symbol description files, etc. And you have to be sure that "make install" is set up to install to the location that you compiled into the executable. This is normally all set up my cmake, I think, when running from QtCreator; not sure about command line builds.

In any case, I don't *think* that affects fonts, since as mentioned, they are actually compiled in on Linux. But obviously something is wrong here, so you might as well check that out - and in case, you'll need the "make install" if you want playback or chord symbol support.

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1. Does not solve my problems: make && make install produces a mscore binary in /usr/local/bin, but this binary will not display the sforzato sign correctly.

2. Your answer does not explain why the nightly build binary has the same lack (I cannot point to some path for the fonts used by mscore-2). So what is your advice?

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Yes, as I said, the install will solve *other* problems, but shouldn't affect fonts. BTW, you can configure where the "make install" installs to with CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.

Did you do what I said before and look for MScore or MScore1 on your system, and remove them if found?

If you're sure neither MScore are installed on your system, next step would be see what version of Qt you are using and make sure you have something good, as I mentioned earlier as well.

If none of that works, I'm at a loss.

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