• Jun 25, 2019 - 22:19

I use Musescore to compose music for various genres. Once I complete a composition, I export the midi files, which I then import into my DAW. I use Sonar X3 Producer. Because I want to have the tracks sound as realistic as I can, I invested in Native Instruments KONTAKT. Now I hope someone on this forum has had the same problem which they have overcome and could possible give me advice.

I am having endless trouble with trying to configure Kontakt 6 with Sonar. Is there someone here who will help me. Thank you. Warm regards, Jerome


I'm working more less the same as you,

But no composition, no creation, only render the violin classical music to digital format.

Tried some DAWs, includes Sonar, finally i picked 'reaper' + 'Kontakt', both work on PC/Mac.

Also, Musescore still act as major role - Notation.

You need to know, how MIDI, CC Channel works, so will be very easy to manipulate all kinds of 'articulations'.

Mixing is another topic, you may learn from books, youtube, AND by listening Vinyl, Cassette, CD....
some vst effect plugin really help, WAVES, Izotope, Fab Filter.... countless of vsts got to try.

Recently, tried the Sibelius with NotePerformer 3, those bundle, hassle free to play all kinds of articulations
what indicated on the sheet. Simple to operate, and NP3 not cost too much, for a demo purpose, worth to have it.

Some demo for your reference.
Paul Hindemith - Violin Sonata Op 11 No.1
Sibelius with NotePerformer 3 - Video Score
Paul Hindemith - Violin Sonata Op 11 No.1
Reaper + Kontakt
Vivaldi RV 522, Double Violin Concerto, Mvt-1
Reaper + Kontakt

P.S. I'm only an amateur.

I'm not sure if the Musescore Forum is the best place to ask for support on Kontakt / Sonar collaboration. I would try either NI and/or Sonar Forum.

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