MDL Snare and Tenor no sound

• Jun 27, 2019 - 08:46

For some reason the snare and tenor part doesn't play any sound (it's not just one specific score it doesn't work for any other score with the MDL tenor or snare) but any other instrument like cymbals or any other wind and brass instrument is playing. I reset the mixer settings, I've reverted to factory settings, I updated muscescore 3, and I have restarted my laptop multiple times. It was just working this past weekend (06/22/19 & 06/23/19) but all of a sudden it just stopped playing any sound (but if I change the patch in the mixer it plays back)


So you are running 3.2? There was a bug in 3.1 where changes made in the Mixer would sometimes not stick but that should be fixed now. Do you have all your MDL soundfonts loaded, and is the current version of the extension? I gather an update is coming soon for 3.2.

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