Keyboard shortcuts do not work when the keyboard language is not English.

• Jun 30, 2019 - 11:48
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In other Windows software (such as Office) it does not matter what the current keyboard language is when you use keyboard shortcuts. For example, if I use ctrl+P for print, even if the language is not English it will work (while typing the same key in a text field will write the alternate letter and not P).

In musescore I must first switch to English, otherwise it does not work.
This is very annoying and slows down the work significantly for someone who uses a lot of shortcuts.



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Diffenent languages come with different words for the menu entries, those most likely don't start with the same letter and often don't even contain any of the letter of the English word, so those mnemonics (shown as an underlined letter, selecte via Alt+that letter) got to be different.
Ctrl+P however is different and also does work (it certainly does in German, Datei > Drucken Strg+P), unless you changed the shortcut for it in Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Print, in which case it'd also show changed in File > Print.

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  1. My musescore is in English (all menus are English).
  2. My Excel (for example) is also with English menus, but when I type ctrl+P, ctrl+N, ctrl+D etc., and my keyboard happens to be in Hebrew, it works in exactly the same way as when the keyboard is in English. This is how I want musescore to work.

Irrespectivlely on what language MuseScore is set to, Ctrl+P should print. And does for me, German QWERTZ keyboard, German or English setting for MuseScore.
Maybe RTL languages like Hebrew or Arab have an issue with those shortcuts?

Is your MuseScore really set to English (and which, US or GB) or is it set to System (which should mean Hebrew I guess?) and those menus are just not translated? The Hebrew translation is only 45% complete.

Indeed P is on the same place on a German and a US keyboard.
Z and Y are swapped though (and there are other differences too), but Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y still work as shortcuts for Undo and Redo, so that alone won't be the reason.

Is there a P on a Hebrew keyboard?
Maybe it is not an issue with RTL languages, but with non-western keyboards?

Not sure MuseScore can fix that, AFAIK we use Qt to handle all this for us.

Title Keyboard shortcuts do not work when the keyboard loanguage is not English. Keyboard shortcuts do not work when the keyboard language is not English.
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