sending secret link fail

• Jul 2, 2019 - 15:49

I have a private score which I sent a "secret" link to another via message, then email. He could not open it. This process had worked before with other scores. Is there a problem with the site at this time?

The help section (under "Privacy") says something about "reset secret link" but it is not clear to me what for; and I see no "reset secret link." (I have not used this particular score's link before.)

This score is from 2.3.2...the receiving end uses 2.2

Alternately, is there a way to send a copy of the mscz file to someone? or an XML?


First, this is a .com issue and should really be discussed at because they will know if there is currently an issue with the feature. You can e-mail the score to someone. If one of your mail programs doesn't like the .mscz extension change it to .zip and tell the recipient to change it back to .mscz. This always works because a .mscz file is a .zip file with the name changed so MuseScore will recognize it as containing an actual score.

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From your email program use the attach button and add the score. It will probably appear as an icon in your email somewhere with its name. Don't copy and paste. 2.2 won't have a problem opening a 2.3.2 file and the differences the other user sees will be minimal.

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