Unable to disable autoplacement for beams (Views in consistent)

• Jul 6, 2019 - 20:12

Before the most recent 3.2 update, I was able to disable autoplacement for beams allowing me to adjust the distance without effecting other staves. I used this effect to create a subdivision grid. Now, autoplacement appears to be always enabled even if I disable it. In continuous view, the non-autoplaced beams are displayed as they use to. However, in page view the beams are displayed as if they are being autoplaced. To recreate this bug, switch between page view and continuous view using the attached score. Also, the transport loop brackets are misplaced in the continuous view when the loop is first selected in page view before switching views. My OS is Windows.

Continuous View (the way I want the beams to display):

Page View (the way they are displayed in the update)

Attachment Size
Takadimi L1 3-4 4-Pulse combined.mscz 29.06 KB


Disabling autoplace on the beams worked fine, as you can see if you try moving some text on top of it. The reason for the extra space is the stems. You need to disable autoplace for them too. Or, take advantage of the new "Min. vertical distance" setting in Format / Style / Score. Set it to a large negative value like -999 to effectively disable all extra space between staves (if that works for you, otherwise, go with the first method).

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